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SportOne Parkview Elite Performance Training

NEW ELITE PLAYER PERFORMANCE TRAINING | Summit Volleyball is excited to announce our new program PERFORMANCE TRAINING. We are partnering with Parkview Sports Medicine to create an elite training program available to all of our athletes.  It will be one of a kind and will only help raise the level of our athletes and their ability to succeed on the court. 


Parkview Sports Medicine Performance works to develop athletes who are foundationally strong in volleyball through quality, healthy and consistent training. 

The volleyball-specific performance sessions emphasize speed, strength, agility, endurance and injury prevention based on your athlete’s age and skill level using a Long Term Athlete Development Pyramid. The pyramid serves as guidelines for how athletes train, beginning at a base-level and building to peak performance. This creates a foundation that allows athletes to further develop in a healthy manner.

Parkview Sports Medicine Performance has a responsibility to the athletes, parents, coaches and organizations it serves to provide an environment where everyone can develop.

Elite Team Training

Performance training is a service provided to our Elite players and available to all of our players through Parkview Sports Medicine. We have a team of trainers that we consider to be part of our coaching staff. We work side by side with them to make sure the training that you get is volleyball specific and is in agreement to our weekend play schedule. The player trainer ratio is 10:1. 

The cost for performance training is included in the fees of our top 8 elite teams. For those teams, the performance training will be adjacent to your practice time. In November and December, you will train for 1 hour sessions 2x per week. January-March the training will be a 1 hr session on Monday, and 1/2 hr sessions adjacent to practice on W/TH. 

If you are not on one of those teams and want to do performance training, there will be open sessions available for you for an additional cost. 

Our lead trainer is Zach Nagel. He is a former strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer for the New York Yankees. 

Click here to register for training if it was not included in your team package.