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Can I play up an age group?

Summit recommends that athletes play in their age group. All players need to tryout with their age group. In the case of an exception due to high school affiliations, positional needs, or an exceptional athlete, the Summit Staff will decide where that player should fall. 

Can I watch my child tryout?

Absolutely. Tryouts are open.

Will practices be open?

Yes. All of our practices will be open for spectators, assuming that the individual is respectful and considerate of the training taking place. We work hard at practice and take pride in how we prepare for competition. Come in, see what we do.

When do practices begin?

Elite teams ages 14-18 will begin in December for a 2 week tier training session. Elite (12’s-13’s), National teams, and select teams will begin in January. 

What is your attendance policy?

Attending practice is mandatory unless excused by your coach. For example, you have a school basketball game, you are sick, your sister’s wedding, etc. The player must notify their coach ahead of time for a missed practice. Coaches should know about tournament conflicts at the beginning of the season when you sign your commitment sheet. The team is built around ALL 9 or 10 players, you are an important piece to that team! 

Communication is key! 

Where do teams practice?

SportONE Parkview Fieldhouse

Do I have to stay at the team hotel?

Summit volleyball will reserve a block of hotel rooms for our teams. It is not a requirement to stay at that hotel. You will be responsible for calling and booking before the cancellation date. The block will be released at that time. This will be a first come first serve process. 

Who are your coaches and why are they coaches at Summit?

The most important quality we take into consideration when hiring a coach at Summit is Character. Our coaches are good Christian role models who are coaching FOR THE KIDS! They are positive coaches that will believe in your daughter. Every coach is loyal, humble and always willing to learn to make themselves and this program better. They are workers, and will be relentless at the task we have in front of us to help your daughter be the best player she can be! 

Our coaching staff is built on coaches who will be Player FIRST coaches. That is a Summit Standard!

Most of our coaches have been with Coach Trish for many years. Some of them have been coaches along side her for 15-20 years and been loyal and diligent in implementing her coaching system. Some of them started playing for her in the 5th grade, into Jr. high and then onto high school before going onto college, some playing at the collegiate level. ALL of the Summit Coaching staff KNOW the training system, they KNOW the expectations, they KNOW the communication standards, they KNOW how to outwork our opponents, they KNOW the importance of being a great teammate, they KNOW that passion creates MAGIC! They KNOW this because they bought into this system years ago and NOW they are FIRED UP to have the opportunity to share it with YOU! They can’t wait to GIVE BACK to the game they all love so much!

The Summit coaching TEAM has been YEARS in the MAKING!! Your daughter won’t just have 2 coaches, she will have 40! We are a Coaching TEAM, EVERY coach is important. We will learn from each other and build on each of our strength’s. Starting a club may have taken me over 20 years of coaching but the wait was worth it because of the coaching team we have been able to put together!!! Hopefully, someday your daughter will be a part of our coaching team! It is one of my proudest moments as a coach when you know that through the game you have made a difference in a player’s life and NOW she wants to come back and do the same!